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Deprecated push segues

I have two viewControllers in my storyboard and I want to connect them so that when I click on a button in viewController-A I must open viewController-B the traditional way, that is the viewController-B, appearing from right-to-left, covers viewController-A and the user can come back to viewController-A if she clicks the left arrow in the top-left corner of viewController-B.

So, I Ctrl-dragged from the button to viewController-B and found push segues are deprecated. Instead, I should use "Show". But, if I use "Show", viewController-B appears as if it was a modal view (bottom to top).

I opened the MasterDetail template and I found there's a different relation connecting the viewcontrollers: no "segues" but "relationships".

First question is: how do I achieve the deprecated push effect without using deprecated push segues? The second is: how do I create relationships the way MasterDetail sample does?

Answer Source

Click the ViewController A and then click editor > embeddin> navigation controller..

it will slove the problem..

Show segues need UINavigationControllers

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