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AngularJS Question

how to send data from model to screen?

I want to add Todo using model .When I click

Add todo
button (bottom one)..It open the model .I need whatever I type in input field it shoud add in list ..

so how to send inputfield data to screen or page .I want share data between model and screen/page ..How to add item in list using model ?

here is my code

import { Page ,ViewController} from 'ionic-angular/index';

template: `
<ion-content padding>
<h2>Add Todo!</h2>
<input type='text' placeholder='Enter todo'>
<button (click)="add()">ADD</button>
<button (click)="close()">Close</button>
export class MyModal {
constructor(viewCtrl: ViewController) {
this.viewCtrl = viewCtrl;

close() {

how to set data on list ..? how to update todo array ?

Answer Source

The problem you are trying to solve is really how to pass data back from a modal to the page that presented it, which has a straightforward solution using modal's functionality.

These small changes to your plunker work as you intend, with no need to hook events.

On your home.ts :

      let modal = Modal.create(MyModal);
        modal.onDismiss(data => {


on your mymodel.ts :


When you dismiss the modal, it passes back the value v to your home page. Your home page captures the data in the onDismiss callback, and adds it to the todo array.

edit: the working plunker:

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