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ASP.NET (C#) Question

Lowest level database support for a free website

I am looking to create a small personal web site using Azure web sites free tier. As part of the project I would add minimal database support. This is a hobby project so I want to stay within the constraints of the free web sites.

Here are some of the options I am considering:

  • SqlLite

  • RavenDb (RavenDB Asp.Net Hosted or Embedded)

  • CouchDb (don't think this will work but I have not investigated enough)

  • .sdf file

Short of using XML files, is there a good database option for the free web site tier?

Answer Source

When you create an Azure website you get a 20 Megabyte SQL Server database for free. Granted, that is not much, but if you are considering SqlLite, perhaps that is enough.

The small print from their website.

  1. Free and Shared (Preview) tiers include 60 minutes and 240 minutes of CPU capacity per day, respectively.
  2. These quotas are per sub-region unless noted otherwise.
  3. One 20MB Azure SQL Database and one 20MB MySQL database are available at the subscription level for the first twelve months of use; standard rates apply thereafter.
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