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Development Mode requires the GWT Developer Plugin

My project using GWT. I haved installed GWT plugin for my Chrome Browser before . I am using the newest version of chrome .When run the project, Chrome browser alway announce

Development Mode requires the GWT Developer Plugin

I have attached the image bellow

enter image description here

But when I click to the link. Chrome browser go to page of plugin in the Chrome web Store. But it announce me that my chrome browser haved installed this plugin. I have attached the screenshot bellow
enter image description here

How can I make GWT plugin work with my project ?
Thank for any help

Answer Source

From GWT Website ,

  • GWT Development Mode will no longer be available for Chrome sometime in 2014, so we improved alternate ways of debugging. There are improvements to Super Dev Mode, asserts, console logging, and error messages.

This is because of newer chrome version.Use Super Dev Mode

Other Solution is you can enable NPAPI which was disable in chrome 42 version follow the below steps

1.Open New Tab and Enter chrome://flags/#enable-npapi

2.Enable this Enable NPAPI Mac, Windows

3.Then bottom of the page click "Relunch" button.

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