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Correct way of outputting a large block of HTML in PHP

I am learning PHP (no programming experience) from a book. The examples in the book use a strange way of outputting a large block of HTML conditionally. It closes the PHP tag inside the conditional, and reopens it after outputting the HTML. I understand (after some head scratching) how it works, but it seems like a dodgy, not-intended-to-be-used-like-this, workaround.

if(something == somethingelse) {
echo "some message";
else {
<?php }

The book did introduce the heredoc syntax, but never used it. Is there a right way of doing this? It would seem more intuitive to output the HTML from within PHP.

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That's exactly how PHP is supposed to be used and is much more readable, elegant and robust than all alternatives*. I'd just go for a better indented style:

    // normal
    // code
    // here
<?php if ($foo) : ?>

        <!-- more HTML -->

<?php endif; ?>

* Unless you go for completely code-free templates like Smarty of course...

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