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Javascript Question

Assigning classes or ids to button created dynamically using jquery

I am creating several buttons dynamically. I am trying to assign each on a different class or id so when it is clicked on it will have a different output. How would I add an value at the end of each class or id name to give each button a unique class or id name?
Here is my code

socket.on('usernames', function(data){
var $contentWrap = $("#contentWrap").empty();
for(i=0; i <data.length; i++){
$input = $('<input type="button" style="width:200px" class= "button"/></br>');

Can I created an on click event for the all button that I created. So far I created an on click even, but it only works for the first button.
Here is my code

$(document.body).on('click','.button', function(e) {

Answer Source

Use $(this).val() instead of $('.button').val(). this will refer clicked button.

$(document.body).on('click','.button', function(e) { 
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