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Javascript Question

Raphael JS : how to move/animate a path object?

Somehow this doesn't work...

var paper = Raphael("test", 500, 500);

var testpath = paper.path('M100 100L190 190');

var a = paper.rect(0,0,10,10);
a.attr('fill', 'silver');

a.mousedown( function() {
testpath.animate({x: 400}, 1000);

I can move rects this way but not paths, why is that, and how do I move a path object then?!

Answer Source

With the latest version of Raphael, you can do this:

var _transformedPath = Raphael.transformPath('M100 100L190 190', 'T400,0');
testpath.animate({path: _transformedPath}, 1000);

This saves you from the trouble of having to clone a temp object.

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