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SQL Question

How can I implement a query that return a single record containing the informations contained in 2 specific record?

I am not so into SQL and I have the following problem.

So basically I have a table containing the following fields:

id: BigInt
geographical_position: Geometry

I want select a single record containg the geographical_position values of 2 specific record (have to be presented on the same record), so I try to do something like this:

a.geographical_position AS point1,
a.geographical_position AS point2
FROM accomodation a

where = 31 and = 32

But it seems to be wrong because obtain an empty result set.

Basically I want to obtain the geographical_position of the record having id=31 in a cell named point1 and the geographical_position of the record having id=32 in a cell named point2.

How can I do? What is wrong in my query? How can I fix it?

vkp vkp
Answer Source

I think you can do it with a self join.

  a1.geographical_position AS point1,
  a2.geographical_position AS point2
FROM accomodation a1
JOIN accomodation a2 ON and

The query you have currently is wrong as the id can not have 2 values at the same time.

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