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C# Question

Windows phone save form

I'm developing some app for Windows phone 8.1, and I have this problem:

Have 1 form with some checkbox, radio buttons and some text fields. When I fill it up, and move to next form with:


and I have some things to do, and want to come back to 1st form, it's all cleared. How to remember what i fill up on 1st form, when i come back from 2nd?

And I add all controls programmatically, so I can't save it in static variable.
Any help?

Answer Source

In your first page set property NavigationCacheMode to Required in XAML


or in code behind

this.NavigationCacheMode = NavigationCacheMode.Required;

But the question is: when do you add controls to page? if you add control in OnNavigatedTo you should check NavigationMode and don't reload page on back navigation

protected override void OnNavigatedTo(NavigationEventArgs e)
        if (e.NavigationMode == NavigationMode.Back)
//do nothing - filled controls already there
        //add controls
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