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What is the current way to remove a git submodule?

as of git version 1.9.3 (Apple Git-50) on mac how do i remove a git submodule? I am reading alot of outdated information with many developers telling me they wont work. What is the current way ?

git deinit pathToSubModule
do the trick ?

The steps i thought would work are here but comments say they wont.

Let me explain my current situation and what i need accomplished. I've installed the Quick repository and added it to as submodule to my project. This code is already checked in and others are using it. What i now need to do is fork the same Quick repository and host it on a more secure github that my company has (so a completely other private github). After forking it i want to add that fork as a gitSubmodule and let it replace the current Quick submodule i had installed previously.

update: i've read that the following is the correct way on latest git version please confirm?

To remove a submodule added using:

git submodule add blah@blah.com:repos/blah.git lib/blah

git rm lib/blah
That's it.

For old versions of git (circa ~1.8.5) use:

git submodule deinit lib/blah
git rm lib/blah
git config -f .gitmodules --remove-section submodule.lib/blah

Answer Source

You have the git submodule deinit

git submodule deinit <asubmodule>    
git rm <asubmodule>
# Note: asubmodule (no trailing slash)
# or, if you want to leave it in your working tree
git rm --cached <asubmodule>
rm -rf .git/modules/<asubmodule>


Un-register the given submodules, i.e. remove the whole submodule.$name
section from .git/config together with their work tree.

Further calls to git submodule update, git submodule foreach and git submodule sync will skip any unregistered submodules until they are initialized again, so use this command if you don’t want to have a local checkout of the submodule in your work tree anymore.

If you really want to remove a submodule from the repository and commit that use git rm instead.

If --force is specified, the submodule’s work tree will be removed even if it contains local modifications.

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