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Xcode 7 Launch Screen images dont load properly

I am trying to make some different launch screens with Xcode 7 ios9.1
for different iOS devices (iPhone iPad)

If you take a look at the following images this is what I've done

sreen shot

Here I have made exactly all the images dimensions that it needs and I have filled out all the table with the images. I have made this by right clicking and selecting New iOS Launch Image.


Here I have set the launch images from LaunchImage.
And here is the launch screen storyboard which I have left it empty.
Now, when I run the app, it doesn't load the loading screen.

Answer Source

You need to Remove one String from your project info.Plist File for Launch splash screen.

It's Launch screen interface file base name.

I attach Screenshot for remove String in .plist file

Here you saw second line just remove from Your file

enter image description here enter image description here

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