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How can I put a database under git (version control)?

I'm doing a web app, and I need to make a branch for some major changes, the thing is, these changes require changes to the database schema, so I'd like to put the entire database under git as well.

How do I do that? is there a specific folder that I can keep under a git repository? How do I know which one? How can I be sure that I'm putting the right folder?

I need to be sure, because these changes are not backward compatible; I can't afford to screw up.

The database in my case is PostgreSQL


Someone suggested taking backups and putting the backup file under version control instead of the database. To be honest, I find that really hard to swallow.

There has to be a better way.


OK, so there' no better way, but I'm still not quite convinced, so I will change the question a bit:

I'd like to put the entire database under version control, what database engine can I use so that I can put the actual database under version control instead of its dump?

Would sqlite be git-friendly?

Since this is only the development environment, I can choose whatever database I want.


What I really want is not to track my development history, but to be able to switch from my "new radical changes" branch to the "current stable branch" and be able for instance to fix some bugs/issues, etc, with the current stable branch. Such that when I switch branches, the database auto-magically becomes compatible with the branch I'm currently on.
I don't really care much about the actual data.

Answer Source

Take a database dump, and version control that instead. This way it is a flat text file.

Personally I suggest that you keep both a data dump, and a schema dump. This way using diff it becomes fairly easy to see what changed in the schema from revision to revision.

If you are making big changes, you should have a secondary database that you make the new schema changes to and not touch the old one since as you said you are making a branch.

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