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Failed to convert parameter value from a string to a decimal vb.net

I have an application where in the textbox I insert a number and click on a button and it should add that value on a textbox that I've called "Balance". To make that happen I've used a query to sum the amount and display it where I want. But I at the moment I have some issues with casts.

This is the function that I am using to get the results and then make some if statements to validate it. I have this function on a class.

Public Function BalancoTotal()
SqlCon = New SqlConnection
SqlCon.ConnectionString = "........"
Query2 = "SELECT
CAST(SUM(amountTransaction) AS INT)
FROM Transactions"

SqlCmd = New SqlCommand(Query2, SqlCon)
SqlDR = SqlCmd.ExecuteReader
If SqlDR.Read() Then
Return SqlDR.GetDecimal(0)
End If
Catch ex As Exception
End Try
End Function

And then I've called this function on my main form like this

txtBalance.Text = callMethod.BalancoTotal()

In the load form I've used this to lines of code to format the textbox

txtBalance.Text = 0.00
txtBalance.Text = FormatCurrency(txtBalance.Text)

But this is giving me 2 erros:

failed to convert parameter value from a string to a decimal


specified cast is not valid

Do you have any idea what I am doing wrong?

Answer Source


txtBalance.Text = callMethod.BalancoTotal().ToString()

txtBalance.Text = "0.00"

Event if it should cast it ...

For the other problem you should try:

.Add("@balaTransacao", SqlDbType.BigInt).Value = cint(txtBalance.Text) 
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