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NSFetchedResultsController Crash When Setting the Controller

Here is my code I'm running and I used console messages to pinpoint that it crashes right when the let frc command is running. Interestingly enough I have another project where I'm using more or less the same code and it works but I can't tell what I'm doing any differently. Was hoping maybe someone here had some possible insight into this?

//Create fetchedResultsController to handle Inventory Core Data Operations
lazy var fetchedResultsController: NSFetchedResultsController<Workorders> = {
return self.setFetchedResultsController()
func setFetchedResultsController() -> NSFetchedResultsController<Workorders>{

let context = gm_getContext()
let workordersFetchRequest: NSFetchRequest<Workorders> = Workorders.fetchRequest()

print("set fetch request")

let frc = NSFetchedResultsController <Workorders>(
fetchRequest: workordersFetchRequest,
managedObjectContext: context,
sectionNameKeyPath: nil,
cacheName: nil)

print("set the frc")

frc.delegate = self

return frc

I've looked into the documentation for Apple and it says I can set sectionNameKeyPath to nil and cache to nil, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

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enter image description here

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Answer Source

From the apple documentation:

A fetch request. This must contain at least one sort descriptor to order the result

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