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iOS Question

How to get the characteristic(s) of HM-10 Bluetooth LE in iOS

I am trying to send some data from an iOS device to the HM-10 Bluetooth LE Module connected to an arduino. Problem is after connecting to the module

doesn't return a characteristic for the service.

func peripheral(peripheral: CBPeripheral, didDiscoverServices error: NSError?) {
if(error != nil) {
for service in! {
let thisService = service as CBService
print("Service: \(thisService.description)")
print("Characteristic: \(thisService.characteristics)")

This outputs:

Service: <CBService: 0x137e84ea0, isPrimary = YES, UUID = FFE0>
Characteristic: nil

I am a beginner with this arduino stuff as well as iOS. So any suggestions would be welcome. Maybe there is a way to write to the bluetooth module without knowing the characteristic... I have no idea.

Answer Source

I finally managed to get the answer. Because of my rudimentary understanding of the CoreBluetooth Framework I forgot to call discoverCharacteristics in didDiscoverServices. Well, I am really learning by doing. (I somehow thought discoverServices would call discoverCharacteristics itself.)

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