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needing 2 json_encode lines (outputting to Swift)

I have a problem where my userLogin.php script contains 2x JSON_encode lines.

echo json_encode($userDetails);

echo json_encode($communities);

This is the full userLogin.php script below:


require ("Conn.php");
require ("MySQLDao.php");

$email = htmlentities($_POST["email"]);
$password = htmlentities($_POST["password"]);

$returnValue = array();

if(empty($email) || empty($password))
$returnValue["status"] = "error";
$returnValue["message"] = "Missing required field";
echo json_encode($returnValue);

$secure_password = md5($password);

$dao = new MySQLDao();
$userDetails = $dao->getUserDetailsWithPassword($email,$secure_password);

$returnValue["status"] = "Success";
$returnValue["message"] = "User is registered";
echo json_encode($userDetails);

$returnValue["status"] = "error";
$returnValue["message"] = "User is not found";
echo json_encode($returnValue);

//once logged in run function to get list of communities

$communities = array();
$communities = $dao->getCommunities($email);
echo json_encode($communities);

$dao -> closeConnection();


stores the details of the person who has just logged in, such as id, name, email address.

is an array that stores the names of the different communities a person is a member of. Each member may be part of a different number of communities.

I require both of these arrays as soon as a user logs in, hence having them both in my userLogin.php script. These are returned to Swift and in the case of
, I will display the contents in a UITableView.

However, I have since learnt that you cannot output multiple JSON blocks as this is a syntax error. (which has reported an error in my Xcode)

How do I overcome this problem?

Answer Source

Put them in an array:

echo json_encode(array($userDetails, $communities));

Or with some meaningful keys:

echo json_encode(array('userDetails' => $userDetails,
                       'communities' => $communities));
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