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Javascript Question

Get the classname of child element

I'm trying to get the class name of a child element using JS. I've tried the following, but it won't work. Any help is much appreciated!

var selectedicon = document.getElementByClassName('selected-icon');
var iconclass = selectedicon.getElementsByTag("i")[0].className;


<div class="selected-icon">
<i class="hummma"></i></div>

Answer Source

It sounds like you want the class of the first i inside the first selected-icon element. If so:

var i = document.querySelector(".selected-icon i");
console.log(i ? i.className : "Not found");
<div class="selected-icon">
   <i class="hummma"></i>

document.querySelector accepts a CSS selector and finds the first element in the DOM that matches it. There's also document.querySelectorAll which returns a list of matching elements. There are versions of both of them on elements as well, which only look within that element's descendants.

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