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Javascript Uncaught TypeError: checkbox.setAttributeNode is not a function

I got an error and i don't know how to resolve it, pls help :)
The code:

var ls_contextid1=JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem('completedArray')) || [];
for (var i = 0; i < ls_contextid1.length; i++){
var obj = ls_contextid1[i];
for (var key in obj){
var value = obj[key];
var checkbox=document.getElementsByName(value);
doc[i] =value;

var att = document.createAttribute('checked');
att.value = 'checked';




this is the error message:

Uncaught TypeError: checkbox.setAttributeNode is not a function

Local storage contains the json:


And the HTML code:

<input name="470" type="checkbox" disabled="disabled" style="margin-left:50px;">

Can you help me?

Answer Source

getElementsByName returns collection, so you need use checkbox[0].setAttributeNode(att);. I also recommend you check element's existing before setting attribute.

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