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Comparing Two Arrays with ng-repeat

I am trying create multiple checkboxes using ng-repeat from Array1, and I'd like apply the "checked" attribute (using ng-checked) to certain ones depending if there is a match in Array2.

Here we have array1 in the controller:

$scope.possibleConditions = ["condition1", "condition2", "condition3", "condition4"];

and then array2 is from the same controller but via JSON API.

"treated" : false,
"data" : [{
"conditions" : ["condition1", "condition2"],

This is my current ng-repeat set up in the template:

<p ng-repeat="condition in possibleConditions">
<input type="checkbox" id="{{condition}}" />
<label for="{{condition}}">

The desire is to apply the attribute
to the input if, say, "condition1" in Array1 is found in "conditions" from Array2.

What I've tried:

1: I've tried using a filter (which I found on stackoverflow) after my controller:

.filter('customArray', function($filter){
return function(list, arrayFilter, element){
return $filter("filter")(list, function(listItem){
return arrayFilter.indexOf(listItem[element]) != -1;

with the ng-repeat amended slightly:

<p ng-repeat="conditions in possibleConditions |'conditions' ">

But that didn't work.

2: I've tried using another ng-repeat within the ng-repeat, then check it against the first one fir a match.


<p ng-repeat="conditions in possibleConditions">
<input ng-repeat="condition in[0].conditions | filter{condition == conditions}" type="checkbox" id="{{condition}}" />
<label ng-repeat="condition in[0].conditions | filter{condition == conditions}" for="{{condition}}">

Hopefully somebody can help / point some guidance.
Thank You.

Answer Source

You don't really need a filter here, simple ngChecked directive could work:

<p ng-repeat="condition in possibleConditions">
  <input type="checkbox" id="{{condition}}" 
         ng-checked="[0].conditions.indexOf(condition) > -1" />
  <label for="{{condition}}">


where response is your data from API.

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