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How to retrieve patient and study detail from DCM4CHEE?

I need to fetch the data from the DCM4CHE that are uploaded with the study details.

AS I tried with the some utility tools like:
getscu & dcmqr: It retrieves the .dcm file of the particular studyInstanceId but I don't want to download .dcm images,

I just want to fetch the some information only, i.e PatientID, AccessionNumber and studyID.

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First of all, it is not a "good practice" to create patient information directly into the dcm4chee. The correct workflow is that the HIS/RIS send a request in fotmato HL7 ORM, something like this:

MSH|^~&\|CPX-RIS|Example Hospital|PACS||20050701||ORM^O01|71200517353359|P|2.3|||||||
PID|1|807|ETH0809||Johnson^Karen||12130919120000|F||0|4708 Indian Paint^^Example^Texas^77777|Williamson|||0|0|0|ETH0809||^0^20050701120000||||||||||
OBR|1|EX01369|EX01369|1299^CT abd/pelvis w/o contrast & 3drecon||||||||||||||||||||CT|||^^^20050701174500|||||||||20050701174500||||||| 

You can see this in more detail in the official documentation on HL7 Specifications ORM-ORU. You can also review ORM HL7 Service which refers to the integration of dcm4chee and HL7.

The "hard way" would connect directly to the database dcm4chee and make insertions and query directly, for this I recommend you check the following link: Database Schema Diagram

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