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CoffeeScript Question

Aggregate likes from an array of objects

I'm trying to aggregate the number of likes from all Facebook pages of a user. I'm using a

to go through each of the user's pages, grab the likes of that object, and add it to a variable.

{_(@state.fbPages).map((x) -> return likes: x.likes)}

But right now it's only adding all the likes in a row like this: 32049381. Is there something in the underscore.js library (or any other way) that can help me individualize these likes and aggregate them?

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Are you saying that it is adding all the likes into a string? i.e. is it taking an array like this [3,2,0,4,9,3,8,1] and your result is 32049381? It may be storing individual likes as strings, and you will need to use parseInt().

{_(@state.fbPages).map((x) -> return likes: parseInt(x.likes))}

I am sort of confused by your question but hopefully this is what you were looking for

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