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CSS Question

What is the role of mixins in bootstrap?

I am a beginner in bootstrap and I'm not able to understand this concept.

What's the meaning of the

code below?

// Creates wrapper for a series of columns

.make-row(@gutter: @grid-gutter-width) {

// Then clear the floated columns

@media (min-width: @screen-sm-min) {
margin-left: (@gutter / -2);
margin-right: (@gutter / -2);

// Negative margin nested rows out to align the content of columns
.row {
margin-left: (@gutter / -2);
margin-right: (@gutter / -2);

Answer Source

Are you already tried compile usage this mixin into css? I think it is self-explanatory. Mixins could be treated like simple functions (with parameters or without).

Look at the compiled code.

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