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JSON Question

How to retrieve full JSON from NodeJS server using EJS file

I've created a NodeJS server that sends JSON data to the front end by using an EJS file. All I want is for the JSON code that I am taking from the three API's to be displayed on the front end (localhost).
It works when I do something like

<h1><%= data2[0]['id'] %></h1>
, but that only gives me a very little piece of the JSON I need.

Server Code:

var express = require('express');
var router = express.Router();
var request = require('request');
var app = express();

router.get("/", function(req, res){
var request = require('request-promise');
var data1;
var data2;
var data3;

data1 = JSON.parse(body);

return request("http://api2.com");
.then(function(body) {
data2 = JSON.parse(body);

return request("http://api3.com");
data3 = JSON.parse(body);

res.render("services.ejs", {data1: data1, data2: data2, data3: data3});

module.exports = router;

Front End Example:

<!DOCTYPE html>

<p><%= data1 %></p>
<p><%= data2 %></p>
<p><%= data3 %></p>


This is what I would want it to look like but it also could be in a paragraph or another unorganized way as long as it has the full JSON from the API:

enter image description here

Answer Source
res.json({ data1: data1, data2: data2, data3: data3 });

is the recommended way to send back a JSON-based response to the client.

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