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moviepy not finding ImageMagick on win

On a Anaconda3 4.1.1 distribution on Windows 7 64bit I installed moviepy by using

pip install moviepy
. Now I want to test some examples with animated text which demands ImageMagick. So I downloaded and installed
but according to on windows the path needs to be specified manually. If I understand correctly this has to be done before compilation. However as I used pip for installation I don't know how to tell moviepy the path.

Secondly it seems that there is no convert.exe. I can however use e.g.
magick convert image.png image.gif
. So is this version of ImageMagick compatible with moviepy at all?

Answer Source

The missing convert.exe indeed turned out to be the problem. As mentioned in this conversation the windows installer has in fact an option to create legacy compments like the convert.exe. Once I re-installed ImageMagick with the option ticked it worked right away. Apparently there is no need any more for fiddling with the config files during installation of moviepy on windows. There is a tutorial on what steps to take to make moviepy work on windows including the installation of ImageMagick here. It does however not mention the option to install the legacy components.

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