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Python:Replace tab in double quotes

Hi i have line where i want to replace tab in double quotes. I have wrote script for that but it is not working as I want.
My line:

Q3U962 Mus musculus MRMP-mouse Optimization "MRMP-mouse "

My script:

for repline in reppepdata:
findtorep=re.findall(r"['\"](.*?)['\"]", repline)
if len(findtorep) >0:
for repitem in findtorep:
repchar =repitem
repchar=repchar.replace('\t', '')

My output should be:

Q3U962 Mus musculus MRMP-mouse Optimization "MRMP-mouse"

But I am getting like this:

Q3U962 Mus musculus MRMP-mouseOptimization "MRMP-mouse"

Words are separated by tab delimiter here.

Q3U962\tMus musculus\tMRMP-mouse\tOptimization \t"MRMP-mouse\t"

Anyone has any idea how to do it?

Answer Source

NOTE: This answer assumes (it is confirmed by OP) that there are no escaped quotes/sequences in the input.

You may match the quoted string with a simple "[^"]+" regex that matches a ", 1+ chars other than " and a ", and replace the tabs inside within a lambda:

import re
s = 'Q3U96  Mus musculu MRMP-mous   Optimizatio "MRMP-mouse "'
res = re.sub(r'"[^"]+"', lambda m:"\t", ""), s)

See the Python demo

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