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Darwin not supported yet for MKL build / configure for Tensorflow

I am trying to Use tensorflow-1.3.0 in my iOS App. I am Trying this link -[,/tensorflow,/mobile,/ai/2016/09/23/mobile-tensorflow.html][1]

I am trying Step 4 from this tutorial, I need to run ./configure script before I can run bazel build to run the retrain script:

bazel build tensorflow/examples/image_retraining:retrain
bazel-bin/tensorflow/examples/image_retraining/retrain \
--model_dir=/tf_files/inception-v3 \
--output_graph=/tf_files/retrained_models/dog_retrained.pb \
--output_labels=/tf_files/retrained_models/dog_retrained_labels.txt \
--image_dir ~/Downloads/dog_images \

But the ./configure step fails with the following message:

MobioApps-Mac-mini:tensorflow-1.3.0 mobioapp$ ./configure
You have bazel 0.5.3-homebrew installed.
Please specify the location of python. [Default is /Users/mobioapp/anaconda/bin/python]: /Users/mobioapp/anaconda/bin/python
Found possible Python library paths:
Please input the desired Python library path to use. Default is [/Users/mobioapp/anaconda/lib/python2.7/site-packages]
Do you wish to build TensorFlow with MKL support? [y/N] y
MKL support will be enabled for TensorFlow
Do you wish to download MKL LIB from the web? [Y/n] Y
Darwin is unsupported yet

Problem : Darwin is unsupported yet

What is the solution for this issue? Please help me out. I am searching a long time for it.

Answer Source

To overcome this problem please skip step number 4 from this link,/tensorflow,/mobile,/ai/2016/09/23/mobile-tensorflow.html .I just followed step 1,2,3 and 5 respectively from the tutorial.This solved my problem and finally i am able to run my own trained model into my iOS App and got successful prediction result.

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