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CSS Question

A font with all the characters the same

I'm looking for a font which displays a  or a * for every character, in the same way. A totally unreadable font.

Despite my efforts I couldn't find one on the internet. Is there a system font like this ? Or do you know one ?

Answer Source

As I doubt that such a font exists, an alternative could be to do your own select. Using the data-* attribute provided by HTML5, you can attach any additional information to any element. So, you can develop a select that would display the character you want (e.g. *) but set data-something to the correct value. Then, when the user press on a button or so, you can call a function to iterate through your personal selects and read the data-something from them to compute the data the user entered.

Here is a minimal example of such a code : https://jsfiddle.net/w0za8ut6/2/

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