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Java Question

How do I convert a large binary String to byte array java?

I have a large binary string "101101110...", and I am trying to store it into a byte array. what is the best way of doing it?

Lets say I have largeString = "0100111010111011011000000001000110101"

Result that I'm looking for:

[78, 187, 96, 17, 21]

01001110 10111011 01100000 00010001 10101

What i've tried:

byte[] b= new BigInteger(largeString,2).toByteArray();

however it did not give me the result I'm looking for...

Answer Source

You can easily build an arrayList on which you can call toArray if you want an actual array;

ArrayList<Integer> arrayList = new ArrayList<>();

for(String str : largeString.split("(?<=\\G.{8})"))
    arrayList.add(Integer.parseInt(str, 2));

System.out.println(arrayList);  // Outputs [78, 187, 96, 17, 21]
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