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Replace text in HTML page with jQuery

How do I replace any string in jQuery?

Let's say I have a string

and I want to replace it with another string.

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You could use the following to replace the first occurrence of a word within the body of the page:

var replaced = $("body").html().replace('-9o0-9909','The new string');

If you wanted to replace all occurrences of a word, you need to use regex and declare it global /g:

var replaced = $("body").html().replace(/-1o9-2202/g,'The ALL new string');

If you wanted a one liner:


You are basically taking all of the HTML within the <body> tags of the page into a string variable, using replace() to find and change the first occurrence of the found string with a new string. Or if you want to find and replace all occurrences of the string introduce a little regex to the mix.

See a demo here - look at the HTML top left to see the original text, the jQuery below, and the output to the bottom right.

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