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PHP - HTML best practices to handle (submit) generated rows

I have

table generated via ajax. And last column on this table contains button. My question is what is the best practice to submit these rows (only one at time. I need use this method to amend records).
Is it worth to wrap each row with

<input type="hidden" value="hidden value">
<input type="submit">

Or people using something difference? Reason why i'm asking for is because i'm worry about very long list example
rows or
rows (that means i will have
forms on a page).

Answer Source

You can use the following

<table id="YourTableId">
   <tr data-id="yourrowId">
        <td class="col1"> value1</td>
        <td class="col2"> value2</td>
        <td class="col3"> value3</td>
        <td class="actions">
             <a href="#"> Submit</a>

your javascript code will be like

$(document).ready(function (){
     $('#YourTableId a').off('click').on('click',function(e){
          var tr = $(this).closest('tr')
          var data={ // here you can add as much as you want from variables
            'id' : tr.data('id), // if you want to send id value
            'col1': tr.find('.col1').text(),
            'col2': tr.find('.col2').text(),
            'col3': tr.find('.col3').text(),

              method: 'post',
              url: 'your url goes here',
              data: data,
              success: function(result){
                  // handle the result here

Hope this will help you

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