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Error installing cx_Freeze on Ubuntu 16.04 [Errno 2]

I am trying to install cx_Freeze on Ubuntu 16.04. Pip installation does not work, so I have downloaded a tarball (tar.gz), extracted it and moved the cx_Freeze folder to my home directory.

I have navigated to the cx_freeze folder and used this command:

sudo python build

and this went through without any errors, but when I try to install it with:

sudo python install

I end up with this error:

error: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'samples'

I read somewhere about absolute path etc., but I am unsure how I am supposed to tell cx_Freeze's setup script the absolute path it is working, or if this has much to say.

Hopefully someone can help me with this issue.

Kind regards.

Edit: I am on a 64-bit version of Ubuntu

Answer Source

J.J. Hakala's suggestion to install the newest version of cx_freeze with pip, as well as him providing the correct link to the source, made it possible for me to install cx_freeze with the code he posted in his comment:

sudo pip install

I'm posting the solution as an answer here since he left a comment, but if he wants to post the solution as an answer himself, I'll mark that answer as the one that solved the problem.

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