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Redirect page after post request [Express 4]

* @api {post} /logout Logout from system
* @apiName Logout
* @apiGroup Login
*/"/logout", function (req, res) {
return res.redirect("/");

I've read Node.js Express : How to redirect page after processing post request? but could not figure out the answer.

I recently changed logout to POST instead of GET. After doing so, redirect does'nt work

POST /logout 307 4.912 ms - 36
POST / 302 3.922 ms - 23
GET / 200 7.519 ms - -

I can manually do it on client side, but I want to know how to do it on server side as well. Is this possible?



<a href="javascript:;" onclick="logOut();">


function logOut() {

Answer Source

There are no redirects from a Javascript generated Ajax call which your $.post() is. Ajax sends a request, gets a response. An ajax call by itself does not change the page location at all. That's a characteristic of Ajax calls.

Redirects work when the browser is loading a new page and the server tells it to change what page it is loading to a new source, not when the browser just sends an Ajax call.

You can, of course, use your client-side Javascript to decide to redirect from the client side after your $.post() finishes. You could even have the response from the $.post() be the new location and your client-side Javascript could then just set window.location to that new URL.

function logOut() {
    $.post("/logout").then(function(data) {
        window.location = data.redirectUrl;

And, on the server:"/logout", function (req, res) {
  res.send({err: 0, redirectUrl: "/"});
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