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Javascript Question

Pass array to mvc Action via AJAX

I'm trying to pass an array (or IEnumerable) of ints from via AJAX to an MVC action and I need a little help.

the javascript is

$.get('/controller/MyAction', { vals: arrayOfValues }, function (data) {...

and the controller action is

public ActionResult MyAction(IEnumerable<int> arrayOfValues )

At the moment the request is formatted as


So I'm almost there, if I take the square brackets off I get the correct response. How should I be passing that array into my get so that the controller can recognise what it is?

Many thanks for your help


Answer Source

Set the traditional property to true before making the get call. i.e.:

jQuery.ajaxSettings.traditional = true

$.get('/controller/MyAction', { vals: arrayOfValues }, function (data) {... 
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