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Python Question

How to create objects with a list of optional elements from a dictionary?

I've been learning how to program and this is problem I'm having trouble solving:

I have a class User that takes 4 parameters, 2 required and 2 optional:

class User:
def __init__(self, user_id, first_name, last_name='', username=''):
self.user_id = user_id
self.first_name = first_name
self.last_name = last_name
self.username = username

then I make a function to create those objects, they take a dictionary and use looks in the keys to create the objects


def user_register(user_info):
if user_info['id'] in users:
users[user_info['id']] = User(user_info['id'], user_info['first_name'],
user_info['last_name'], user_info['username'])

example_userinfo1 = {'id':111, 'first_name':'john', 'last_name':'smith', 'username':'@johnsmith'}

example_userinfo2 = {'id':222, 'first_name':'bob'}

so like this it only works if the dictionary given has all the four keys,which is the case of example_userinfo1, but not the case for example_userinfo2 (only ID and first_name are mandatory). I would like to know what is the way of checking if the key exists before passing it as an argument, I tried something like this with no success:

User(user_info['id'], user_info['first_name'],
if 'last_name' in user_info: last_name=user_info['last_name'],
if 'username' in user_info: username=user_info['username'])

so what is a good way to overcome this problem? also I would like to know if there are many signs of bad practices on my code (as I am trying to start paying attention to those things)

Answer Source

Make your dictionary keys correspond dir to the argument names, just apply the whole dictionary as keyword arguments:

user_id = user_info.pop('id')
users[user_id]  = User(user_id, **user_info)

I used dict.pop() to remove the 'id' key as your class expects user_id instead. You already supplied default values for any missing keys.

Otherwise, you could have used dict.get() to return an empty string if a key is missing:

User(user_info['id'], user_info['first_name'],
    last_name=user_info.get('last_name', ''),
    username=user_info.get('username', ''))
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