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PowerShell Question

Get-Help about* doesn't work on non-English system

I'm using the German PS version and I'm trying
to display the about topics of powershell v. 3.0 using the command

Get-Help about_*

This seems to be the right command to list the topics. Also I updated the PS help using


CMDlet, just in case the about topics would be missing. Anyway: the Get-Help cmdlet processes and returns: nothing. Using
to format the output or saving the output to a variable didn't help, the about topics are not found at all. However, in general the wildcard seems to work. Running

get-help get-*

works like a charm.
Any Ideas?

Answer Source

update-help is not "localised", so use this : Update-Help -UICulture "en-us" you should now see the .txt files

you can check here for a modified get-help function that allow you to specify the culture to use :

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