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Android Question

how to use the xxxx.md5 file or how to remove .md5 extension?

I get files like this below:


This is what I want:


How can I get it? Can I just remove the md5 file extension?

Answer Source

The file a.tar.md5 contains the MD5 hash of the file a.tar. The tar and the md5 files are totally different files. You can not get a tar file from a tar.md5 file.

Edit: it turns out there are two types of .tar.md5 files:

  • Just MD5 sum. A file of 32 bytes. It is typically in a directory along with a .tar file, such as here. It is not possible to reconstruct the original tar file from the md5 file.
  • A tar archive with an appended MD5-sum. Several megabytes. Can be extracted by the standard tar tool, or it can be written to a phone with ODIN.
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