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Objective-C Question

How to change SFSafariViewController ToolBar color

Expected Output:
I want to change the ToolBar color to Dark Black.

Actual Output:
ToolBar is light Grey color.

Here is the code:

let webViewController = SFSafariViewController(URL: url, entersReaderIfAvailable: true)
self.navigationController?.toolbar.barTintColor = UIColor.blackColor()
self.navigationController?.toolbar.tintColor = UIColor.whiteColor()
self.navigationController?.toolbar.barStyle = UIBarStyle.Black
self.navigationController?.pushViewController(webViewController, animated: true)

Answer Source

Updated Answer for iOS 10 API

SFSafariViewController now has preferredBarTintColor and preferredControlTintColor properties to control how the toolbars look.

Original Answer

SFSafariViewController renders off-process. You can only change the tint color, but not bar style or bar tint color.

To set the tint color, set the Safari controller's view's tint color like so:

let sfController = SFSafariViewController(URL: url, entersReaderIfAvailable: true)
sfController.view.tintColor = UIColor.redColor()
self. self.navigationController?.showViewController(sfController, sender: self)
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