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Objective-C Question

How can i add a button to google maps marker info window on ios?

I have added Google maps sdk for ios to my Iphone app, and i have some custom markers if clicked info window pops up with title, how can i add a button to this info window so if pressed will go to new page? Now i have tryed to use this post to solve this issue Adding Click Event on InfoWindow/Marker in Google Maps SDK for native iOS/objective C it doesnt give me error but it won't work.

this is what i want my result to be:


The answer for the question you linked shows code for using MapKit, so it wouldn't work with the Google Maps SDK for iOS.

See this question for how to return a custom view with the Google Maps SDK for iOS:

Custom annotation view in Google Maps SDK

However note that according to this question, it looks like what is displayed might be a visual copy of the view not the actual view, which might limit the interaction you can do with the view:

Add buttons to view returned by markerInfoWindow delegate method

Simply detecting a tap on the info window and going to a different page should be possible using didTapWindowOfMarker though.

Note that there's a feature request in Google's issue tracker to add direct support for this: