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JSON Question

Converting a string to JSON object

How do you make JS think that a string is JSON ?

I have a function which only works if JSON object is passed to it. If I pass a string to it, with same format as JSON, it doesnt work. So I want to make that function think that the string passed to it is a JSON. The string is indeed in the JSON format.

I also tried the following. I inputted the string through Ajax , with "handle as" parameter as "JSON", and then when I passed the result to the function it works.

So I deduced the problem is not with the string. How do i convert this string to JSON? If i get same string through ajax request and then passing it to function works, whereas directly passing it doesnt work.

Thanks a lot!

Sorry guys.

The string is as follows:

"data": [
"id": "id1",
"fields": [
"id": "name1",
"label": "joker",
"unit": "year"
{"id": "name2", "label": "Quantity"},
"rows": [ data here....

and closing braces..

Hope it helps!

Answer Source
var obj = JSON.parse(string);

Where string is your json string.

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