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Vertically scrollable and horizontally draggable divs on mobile

I'm trying to make a mobile website with a card interface. The interaction I want to create is a list of cards I can scroll through and dismiss by swiping them away. In order to achieve this I am currently using jQuery UI with jQuery UI Touch Punch to make it work with touch devices.

The problem I'm running into is that when I scroll with the touch event starting on the div it only uses it for dragging it horizontally, ignoring the vertical swipe. Is there a way to prevent this, or would a different library be better suited for my needs?

This is the website I need it for:


(it only shows this behaviour on a touch device, works pretty much fine on desktops)

A similar question has been asked before, but remained unanswered:

JQuery-UI horizontal dragging with vertical scrolling

And a less important question; the dragging is pretty jerky what could be causing this? I'm using several libraries and css frameworks on top of each other, my guess is that something is colliding with jQuery UI. I'll be looking into that after the scrolling is fixed, but if someone knows what could be causing it that would be great!


Nope, that wasn't it. It was "transition: all .2s;" that was messing with the movement.

Looks it's being caused by the dynamic width of the divs I'm draggin around:

jQuery UI make the effect less abrupt and jerky

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After more searching I have come to the conclusion that this is currently not possible. I suppose a jQuery plugin could be written to solve this, but that is way beyond my skill level.

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