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ORA-00979 not a group by expression

I am getting ORA-00979 with the following query:

SELECT cr.review_sk, cr.cs_sk, cr.full_name,
tolist(to_char(cf.fact_date, 'mm/dd/yyyy')) "appt",
cs.cs_id, cr.tracking_number
from review cr, cs, fact cf
where cr.cs_sk = cs.cs_sk
and UPPER(cs.cs_id) like '%' || UPPER(i_cs_id) || '%'
and row_delete_date_time is null
and cr.review_sk = cf.review_wk (+)
and cr.fact_type_code (+) = 183050
GROUP BY cr.review_sk, cr.cs_sk, cf.fact_date, cr.tracking_number
ORDER BY cs.cs_id, cr.full_name;

I couldn't find any examples that had both GROUP BY and ORDER BY clauses in the same query. I tried removing each field from the group by one at a time, but am still getting the same error.

Answer Source

You must put all columns of the SELECT in the GROUP BY or use functions on them which compress the results to a single value (like MIN, MAX or SUM).

A simple example to understand why this happens: Imagine you have a database like this:

0   A
0   B

and you run SELECT * FROM table GROUP BY foo. This means the database must return a single row as result with the first column 0 to fulfill the GROUP BY but there are now two values of bar to chose from. Which result would you expect - A or B? Or should the database return more than one row, violating the contract of GROUP BY?

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