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Javascript Question

Change input value onclick button - pure javascript or jQuery

I have two buttons and if I click on some button I need to change value in input text and change total price (product price * value of button - 2 or 4 Qty).

I know that it's simple but I'm not good in javascript or jQuery. Answer in jsfiddle would be best.

My jsfiddle is here http://jsfiddle.net/J7m7m/1/

My simple code:

Product price: $500
Total price: $500
<input type="button" onclick="change()" value="2&#x00A;Qty">
<input type="button" value="4&#x00A;Qty">
Total <input type="text" id="count" value="1">

Answer Source

Another simple solution for this case using jQuery. Keep in mind it's not a good practice to use inline javascript.


I've added IDs to html on the total price and on the buttons. Here is the jQuery.

    $('#total').text('Product price: $1000');

    $('#total').text('Product price: $2000');
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