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AngularJs alternative to ng-if to save digest

I recently started studying about digest and performance improvements in AngulaJs and found on my website that I'm using tons of


Sometimes in
there is a variable that may change, but often is fixed at the startup of the controller and then never changes.

What should I do so to improve performance avoiding digest to evaluate every loop those unchangeable
? Should I change directive? With what?


In my header template I have a div that can be seen only by particular type of user. It's just a div, so I don't want to call some different template.
I put
<div ng-if="userIsSuperior()"> ... </div>

When first evaluated, the return vale of
never changes (during this session of course), but I know that AngularJs Digest evaluates it every loop.
How can I avoid this? Or am I missing something?

Answer Source

I think what you are looking for is one-time binding.

If you use:

<div ng-if="::userIsSuperior()"> ... </div>

Then the value of userIsSuperior() will only be calculated once and will stick to that value.

See demo.

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