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ASP.NET (C#) Question

Enable image upload for CKEditor at

i use CKEditor for my C# project.
How can I enable image upload tab for the editor. I read find some articles but none of them where useful. some of them where for php. I want for
thank you for helping.

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finally I could find the solution.

I did two things to solve my problem.

first I edited config.ascx file and set the base url to images folder. like below:

public override void SetConfig() {

    // The base URL used to reach files in CKFinder through the browser.
    BaseUrl = "~/images/";
    // The phisical directory in the server where the file will end up. If
    // blank, CKFinder attempts to resolve BaseUrl.
    BaseDir = "";

and the mistake that I had was that, my pages was at admin folder and I was put ckeditor and ckfinder folder at root of my website.

by puting these files at the admin folder the problem soved.

thank you.

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