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CannotStartContainerError while submitting a AWS Batch Job


AWS Batch
I have a
job definition
and a
job queue
and a
compute environment
where to execute my
AWS Batch jobs
After submitting a job, I find it in the list of the failed ones with this error:

Status reason
Essential container in task exited
Container message
CannotStartContainerError: API error (404): oci runtime error: container_linux.go:247: starting container process caused "exec: \"/var/application/ --file= --key=.

and in the
cloudwatch logs
I have:

container_linux.go:247: starting container process caused "exec: \"/var/application/ --file=Toulouse.json --key=out\": stat /var/application/ --file=Toulouse.json --key=out: no such file or directory"

I have specified a correct docker image that has all the scripts (we use it already and it works) and I don't know where the error is coming from.
Any suggestions are very appreciated.

The docker file is something like that:

# Pull base image.

VOLUME /mount-point

RUN chown -R ubuntu:ubuntu /var/application

# Create the source directories
USER ubuntu
COPY application/ /var/application

# Register aws profile
COPY data/aws /home/ubuntu/.aws

WORKDIR /var/application/
RUN composer update -o && \
rm -Rf /tmp/*

Here is the
Job Definition

"jobDefinitionName": "JobDefinition",
"jobDefinitionArn": "arn:aws:batch:region:accountid:job-definition/JobDefinition:25",
"revision": 21,
"status": "ACTIVE",
"type": "container",
"parameters": {},
"retryStrategy": {
"attempts": 1
"containerProperties": {
"image": "",
"vcpus": 1,
"memory": 512,
"command": [
"volumes": [
"host": {
"sourcePath": "/mount-point"
"name": "logs"
"host": {
"sourcePath": "/var/log/php/errors.log"
"name": "php-errors-log"
"host": {
"sourcePath": "/tmp/"
"name": "tmp"
"environment": [
"name": "APP_ENV",
"value": "dev"
"mountPoints": [
"containerPath": "/tmp/",
"readOnly": false,
"sourceVolume": "tmp"
"containerPath": "/var/log/php/errors.log",
"readOnly": false,
"sourceVolume": "php-errors-log"
"containerPath": "/mount-point",
"readOnly": false,
"sourceVolume": "logs"
"ulimits": []

In Cloudwatch log stream /var/log/docker:

time="2017-06-09T12:23:21.014547063Z" level=error msg="Handler for GET /v1.17/containers/4150933a38d4f162ba402a3edd8b7763c6bbbd417fcce232964e4a79c2286f67/json returned error: No such container: 4150933a38d4f162ba402a3edd8b7763c6bbbd417fcce232964e4a79c2286f67"

Answer Source

This error was because the command was malformed. I was submitting the job by a lambda function (python 2.7) using boto3 and the syntax of the command should be something like this:

'command' : ['sudo','mkdir','directory']

Hope it helps somebody.

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