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Can we somehow change the url in addressbar after dispatching request from servlet to jsp

I am having a weird problem here, and I am really stuck, need to get this work badly.

so i have a page say index.jsp with a link say "a href=servlet?id=10". when I click on this link it will go to doGet() on my servlet and here is the code in my servlet.

protected void doGet(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response)
throws ServletException, IOException {
String action = request.getParameter("id");
// search database and create an arraylist
if(//user logged in)
address = "s/results.jsp";
address = "results.jsp";
// set arraylist in session object
RequestDispatcher dispatcher = request.getRequestDispatcher(address);

So the above code works fine but after request forwarding, my browser shows the url as


I don't want the above url as i am forwarding to two different jsp's based on the user login status one is in 's' folder and other is outside of that.
if user is logged in then i forward to 's/results.jsp' and if user is not logged in i am forwarding to 'results.jsp'.

in case of s/results.jsp i am accessing resources like images and scripts from outside of 's' folder by using ../ in the results.jsp.

as url is not changing to s/results.jsp , i am unable to access the resources with '../'
and as i am using jsp pagination , when i click next the url is changing to s/results.jsp
and in that case i am able to access resources using ../

one solution in my mind is to copy all resources in s folder , but that would increase

one other solution in my mind is to create two different servlets for two jsp's
but i don't know where to put the servlet so that it can access resources outside of s folder with ../

is their any other good way i can do the task..

I have tried to find information about this but haven't been able to figure it out.

Any help will be very much appreciated.

Answer Source

You have basically instructed your webbrowser to send a request to exactly that URL. The forward does not change the URL. It is entirely server side. Apart from using response.sendRedirect() instead -which would trash the current request, including all of its attributes, and create a brand new request on the given URL-, you could also just change your link to <a href="results?id=10">, or when the user is logged in, to <a href="s/results?id=10">.

<a href="${user.loggedin ? 's/' : ''}results?id=10">

Finally alter the servlet mapping accordingly so that it get invoked on those URLs.


You'll only miss the JSP extension. But JSPs which are to be used by a dispatcher belong in /WEB-INF folder anyway so that they cannot be viewed by the enduser directly without invoking the servlet first. You also end up with nicer URLs.

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