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phpMyAdmin won't let me login - no error shown

I have phpMyAdmin on a remote server. It was fine until today, I used it many times (so the username and password are fine). However, today the whole site did not worked, it simply said "too many connections".

First I retried to restart Apache and MySQL, and it didn't fixed the problem.

Then I rebooted it with

shutdown -r now
, and the main site does work now, but phpMyAdmin still won't log in (and it does not show any error). After typing my user and password and hitting enter, it shows the exact page (with no error) as nothing would have happened. I can see that the token is different in the Address bar though.

I tried removing all php sessions manually from /tmp folder (by ftp), and it has the same problem. Could the database of phpMyAdmin itself be corrupt? How can I fix this?

Thanks in advance

Answer Source

Possible reasons are-

a) user has been locked.

b) There are too many users more than specified.

c) Your System/Ip (rights were provided to which) has been changed.

Please follow below steps-

Step1: Please server connect with root user and check if you are able to use your DB.

Step2: execute below commands.

mysql> flush hosts;

Now try to connect from phpmyadmin if success then fine other wise check if you are getting any IP related error if yes then check if that ip have required permissions.

Other Reasons may be

  1. opened_files_limit crossed whatever you mentioned in your configuration file.
  2. disk full.
  3. too many thread opened/too many connections.
  4. your login_user has been locked due to wrong password input a certain times (limit mentioned in configuration file default is 10).
  5. mysql port (default is 3306) is not open on DB server from outside.
  6. user does not have permissions from your system IP. etc.
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