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Eclipse not recognizing Gradle dependencies

I am new to Gradle and I was trying this tutorial
I was able to compile the jar with the required dependencies and run it.
However, I find it annoying that the libraries are not recognized by the IDE.

enter image description here

Is there anyway to do it?

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You should use the gradle eclipse plugin. Add this to your build.gradle file:

apply plugin: "eclipse"

This will add eclipse related tasks to your build. By executing

gradlew cleanEclipse eclipse

Gradle will regenerate all eclipse project and classpath files based on the current dependencies of your project(s). You will however need to refresh your IDE to make the changes visible.

There is one more thin to consider. As eclipse is not really aware of the gradle dependencies - it knows them only by the generated classpath files - new dependencies will be visible to eclipse only after regenerating these files. Furthermore dependencies added in eclipse will not be visible to your gradle build and will be removed once the classpath files are regenerated.

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