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Get credentials for desktop Java SE Firebase project

I'm trying to access a Firebase database in desktop (non-Android) Java, and can't find where to download the dedifferentiate credentials JSON to initialise the API. There's an option to get started for Android, but that requires putting in an app name and fully-qualified identifier, which isn't applicable for a desktop project. Is there another way of obtaining this file? Or is there an alternative initialisation option?

Answer Source

From the firebase-talk mailing list:

We currently don't have an SDK that is intended for Java desktop apps. We do have a Java server SDK, but it requires a service account which is not secure to include in a desktop app. Your options are to either use the Realtime Database's REST API or communicating with Firebase via your own custom server using the Java server SDK.

We are not actively working on building an SDK for Java desktop apps. However, if others out there would like to see this, please chime in here.

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