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What are the symptoms of a stack overflow in a C++ program?

I just ran into an issue where a stack overflow in a threaded c++ program on HPUX caused a SEGV_MAPERR when a local object tried to call a very simple procedure. I was puzzled for a while, but luckily I talked to someone who recognized this as a stack size issue and we were able to fix the problem by increasing the stack size available to the threads.

How can I recognize when the stack overflows? Do the symptoms differ on windows/linux/hpux?

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How can I recognize when the stack overflows?

If you know the stack size, where the stack starts and the direction it grows in memory, you can simply check the address of the stack pointer and see if it past the end of the stack. C++ does not allow direct access to the stack pointer. You could easily write a small function in assembly to perform this analysis and link it into you program.

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